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Dr Matt McDornan

Dr Matt McDornan MBBS, FRANZCP

Consultant Psychiatrist, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Specialties anxiety disorders, addictive disorders, depression, mood disorders, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), trauma-informed care

I have always been fascinated by the human experience; our sense of self, as well as our thoughts, feelings and words. I’m privileged to hear about my patients’ inner world, and that they trust me with their story. Mental health is not a one-size-fits-all; it is why our bespoke, tailored programs truly recognise the needs of each patient along with the importance of trauma-informed therapy.
Dr Gary Persley

Dr Gary Persley

Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, general adult psychiatry, psychological medicine

We all appreciate being heard and understood. As a clinician, this is fundamental to engage with people as they begin their wellness journey. Mental health issues occur in the context of one’s life experiences, past and present. I work collaboratively with people to engage in a comprehensive management plan incorporating medicine, psychiatry and a healthy lifestyle; along with group therapy to learn from others’ experiences – so one can embrace their life and the opportunities it offers.
Dr Vicky Satchwell

Dr Vicky Satchwell MBBS (Lond), MRCPsych, FRANZCP, Cert Addiction. Psych

Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties addictive disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, dual diagnosis, general adult psychiatry, psychosis (early intervention)

Years of experience have shown me the complexities that lie behind each mental health diagnosis. All aspects of a person’s life are important, and I aim to integrate physical health, family and friends, and other services into the journey to recovery. I think a collaborative approach is essential, and like to help draw on each person’s unique interests and strengths to get back to their life.
Dr Vikas Moudgil

Dr Vikas Moudgil MBBS, FRANZCP, MHM (UNSW)

Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties anxiety disorders, trauma-informed care, mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, addictive disorders, dual diagnosis, psychotic disorders

My goal is to empower individuals on their unique journeys towards mental well-being. I achieve this by acknowledging their individual struggles, collaboratively defining their own vision of recovery, and harnessing the power of their personal strengths alongside supportive networks. Beyond just diagnosis and treatment, I cultivate personal agency through self-advocacy skills, ensuring my patients and their families are active participants and informed decision-makers in their personalised care plans. At Avive, we ignite positive change alongside like-minded colleagues, revolutionising mental health care and helping people thrive.
Dr Liz Tovey

Dr Liz Tovey FRANZCP, MRCPsych (UK), CCT Child and Adolescent Psychiatry MA, MBBS

Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties child and adolescent psychiatry, young adult psychiatry, general adult psychiatry, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, complex trauma

Dr Jeremy Stone

Dr Jeremy Stone MBBS(hons), MPM, FRANZCP

Consultant Psychiatrist, Director of Medical Services

Specialties depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, general adult psychiatry

Every person’s mental health journey is different, and requires an adaptive approach to treatment and care that considers what is best for each individual. Avive Health’s commitment to delivering high quality facilities, innovative services and the very best in new treatment models for better patient care and outcomes is refreshing. I look forward to guiding medical services at Avive Mornington Peninsula, and working collaboratively with an experienced team of psychiatrists and nursing staff to help patients with improved care, on their road to recovery.
Dr Angela Lee



Specialties women's mental health

Dr Venkat Chekuri


Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties general adult psychiatry, liason psychiatry, addictive disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, psychoses, substance use disorders, anxiety disorders

Dr Ruwan Haputhantrige

Dr Ruwan Haputhantrige MBBS, MD, FRANZCP

Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties mood disorders, general adult psychiatry, anxiety disorders

Dr Pieter Hurter

Dr Pieter Hurter MBChB, DMH, FCPsych (SA), FRANZCP

Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialties general adult psychiatry, addictive disorders, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation)